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Social Empire Shop

Put villagers inside to produce resources.Gold is for building Buildings and to build units
Name Cost Capacity Timer Earns
Gold Mine 100 Wood 2 6 Hours 200
Gold Mine 200 Wood 4 6 Hours 275
Gold Mine

4,500 Gold

6 6 Hours 350
Gold Mine 20,000 Gold 6 6 Hours 500

This is a correct table but it does not include the bonuses wood you could get. Heres a trick. The more villagers you put in a mill or resource building not including wonders, the more resources you get------->For example stone mill 1 gives only 175 but if you put in more villagers like maxing its use, you get more resources. The max resource you could get is 210 for stone mill 1 and be sure not to sell those resource buildings because the more resource buildings you have the more resources you get..Gold is usually used to build units

You can

  • Harvest Gold Veins to get more gold
  • Build Gold mine
  • Attack people

Build Minery to allow your Villagers to mine stone very fast.It require

8000 gold and gets 800 xp


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