• puta isla------>7 troll Reward:about 1000+ gold
  • Unknown Isle-------->10 troll Reward:about 2000+ gold

    Zeppelin Tower

  • Undiscovered Isle-->22 skeleton Reward:3236 gold,1 balloon

306EXP,Method:Use Archer

  • Artic Isle(Boss,YETI,12000 Health,24 damage)--------------->4 key,16 troll,1 yeti Reward:3080 gold,316 EXP,small yeti,Method,send in all to attack,stand by your healers but not too near,when the yeti use his special attack,it will inlict a lot of damage on you
  • Emergent Isle------->47 troll,a lot of small troll,4 revanger troll,4 war trollReward:3710 gold,388 EXP,aa sheild for item
  • Misty Isle-------------->more than 20 vicking(230 Health,24 damage) and 10 Valkyrie(HERO) other character,about 15 (2400 ,Health tower)and 2 oil tower Reward:1374EXP,11754 gold,
  • Dune Isle------------->Anubis god
  • Desert Isle----------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Nest Isle-------------->58757 trolls and 28527525725785724 bahumut dragons

Casandra NuñesEdit

Led ZeppelinEdit

  • coco Isle------------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Arabe Isle--------------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
    Zeppelin tower

    Zeppelin Tower

  • Olmeca Isle-------------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Conqured Isle------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Guns N' Roses Isle------>Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Santa Claus Isle----------->Unknown e------>Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Superman Isle--------------->Unknown Reward:Unknown
  • Mythical Isle----------->Unknown Reward:Unknown


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