thumb|right|300px|Stone Golem Human Empire

Stone Golem:How to defeat Stone Golem


Gaint Yeti:How to defeat the Giant Yeti

thumb|right|300px|Gaint Yeti

Objective: Rescue the penguins and defeat the evil Yeti !

Reward:6080 gold & 616 xp and a powerful knight

How to defeat the Gaint Yeti:If you have many archer knights,at least 25,you can win without losing anything.Take all archers and your extra powerful knights and wizard,and rescue the penguins.Then take the extra knights to attack the Yeti.Then take all archers,penguins and your wizard to attack.When the Yeti becomes 7000 health,move your knights left and right.You will be able to beat the Yeti


Rockdriller:How to defeat the rockdriller

Method:Use archers and cannons to beat the rockdriller.Keep your healers and engineers near them.

Troll empire

thumb|right|300px|Golem Boss

Stone Golem:How to defeat stone Golem

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