• You must be a regular on the wiki.(1)
  • You must have a good foundation of information about social empire(2)
  • You must show proof that you are at least level 20 in social empire(visually by photo and your world) (3)
  • You must talk or mix around with other people on this wiki(4)
  • Have a proper education in advanced computer software.(5)
  • You must be able to speak basic english,such that it is understandable for the majority of the community.(6)
  • You know at least basic wiki editing skills that allow in editing and administer(7)
  • You must have made a good amount of edits,which must not be any less than 20(anywhere on wikia) and 10 for this wiki.Mind that the quality of edits outweighs quantity.(8)
  • You must have a customized and accessible user page to others(9)
  • You must not have a recent history of behavior or vandalism or being block by other wiki users on the whole wikia(10)
  • You must not use the administration tools personal gain.(11)
  • You have no visible history of cheating through achievements.(12)
  • You abide by all the rules of wikia(13)
  • You must abide by the rules of soical empire wikia(14)
  • You must have a usable computer that you can use at least 1 hour a day or more to edit.

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