Put villagers inside to produce resources.Stone is reqired to build defences like walls and Tower.Resources you get from stone veins varies according to your level
Social Empire stone mines

Social Empire Stone Mine

Name Cost Capacity Timer Earns

Stone Mine l

100 Wood 2 6 Hours 175
Stone Mine ll 200 Wood 4 6 Hours 300
Stone Mine lll 7,500 Gold 6 6 Hours 400
Stone Mine lV 24,000 Gold 6 6 Hours


This is a correct table but it does not include the bonuses wood you could get. Heres a trick. The more villagers you put in a mill or resource building not including wonders, the more resources you get------->For example stone mill 1 gives only 175 but if you put in more villagers like maxing its use, you get more resources. The max resource you could get is 210 for stone mill 1 and be sure not to sell those resource buildings because the more resource buildings you have the more resources you get.

Build Minery to allow your Villagers to mine stone very fast.It require

8000 gold and gets 800 xp


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